RAHNI is one of more than 100 students from St Joseph’s Primary School in Korumburra who has embarked on a more independent learning journey this term.

While away from her regular classroom, Rahni has been able to spend quality time with her family, working with her Nonno to create flowers from recycled materials for her art class.

All Catholic schools within the Diocese of Sale are currently offering remote schooling, allowing students to continue learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students will begin a phased return to classrooms on May 26.

St Joseph’s Primary School principal Mrs Michelle Charlton said the school had received positive feedback from the community.

Mrs Charlton said they are doing all they can to ensure students and their families continue receiving the support they need.

“I am very proud of how our whole school community has embraced this new way of learning. It is a challenging time for everyone, but staff, students and parents are working extremely well together to support each other during the change,” she said.

St Joseph’s has provided physical and digital learning resources to allow students to continue their educational and faith development journeys from home.

Children in foundation through to year two have been accessing their school work via SeeSaw, which has a function that allows parents and teachers to communicate with each other, while students in years three to six have been utilising Google Classroom.

The school community are also finding other ways to stay connected, such as celebrating the Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker online via Google Meet. During the virtual liturgy, student leaders read prayers to the faithful, allowing everyone to come together in the safety of their homes. Plans are in place to hold a second virtual liturgy later in the term.

Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Sale, Ms Maria Kirkwood, is pleased to see schools adapting so quickly to the changing circumstances.

“All of our schools have taken great strides to ensure students are receiving a high-quality Catholic education while learning from home. These unprecedented times have encouraged students to become independent learners who are guided by the light of Christ in all their endeavours,” Ms Kirkwood said.