By Shelby Brooks

YEAR 11 and 12 students at Korumburra Secondary College were welcomed back to school on Tuesday, May 26, with streamers, hand clappers, food and all-round good vibes.

Year 12 coordinator Nicole Creaser said the teachers were thrilled to see the senior students back after weeks of remote learning, so they wanted to celebrate the occasion.

“We just wanted to make sure they came back in and felt really welcomed and celebrated for their hopefully last return to school,” she said.

Ms Creaser said while the students had embraced the challenges of remote learning, everyone was relieved to be back to some normality.

“The students really dug deep, showed a lot of grit and did really well. But by the end of it, I think we were just missing each other and being able to have a laugh together,” Ms Creaser said.

“And the teachers have missed bouncing ideas off each other and having that network of support. This is a special school, we all genuinely love teaching, and we love to teach the kids face-to-face, so we’re overjoyed to be back.”

Year 12 students Caleb Lawes and Morgan Anthony settled back into the routine of school by the time the Sentinel-Times chatted to them on Wednesday.

“It’s a lot easier than isolation learning,” Morgan said.

They both found humanities subjects harder to learn from home than other subjects such as maths.

“Maths, I found quite easy to talk to the teacher if you needed help and do the work from the book, but for English, when you need to talk more, I find that easier in person,” Caleb said.

Morgan agreed that more creative subjects which require physical aspects of learning like class discussions or visual information were harder to conduct from isolation.

Hand sanitiser and soap is now part of the new normal school routine for the students, as is keeping their distance from one another as best they can.

Videos have popped up online on the secondary college’s Facebook page of Skelly, the science skeleton, reminding students to avoid physical greetings and to keep their distance.

“We are enormously proud of the year 12s and the way they’ve overcome yet another challenge in their school life,” Ms Creaser said.

“They’ve overcome it with a really positive attitude. On our [teachers’] bad days, it was the year 12s that cheered us up and kept encouraging us along, and we’re really grateful for a great group of students.”