Our COVID-19 response has shown how well Australians can alter their habits, not just in their own self-interest but for the greater good.

So much has happened in such a short time. But haven’t we Australians done well?

The climate crisis is a creeping catastrophe which has shown up in devastating ways in many locations.

Erosion at the Inverloch surf beach is becoming a threat to infrastructure and is costing hundreds of thousands of $ already.

But the media is not mentioning the big picture – warming, expanding oceans, melting ice caps and increasing storm intensity are ongoing threats that will not go away until greenhouse gas emissions are substantially reduced.

Lack of political will at a national level means the opportunities for transition to zero emissions are not being adopted at the scale and speed necessary and possible.

Imagine if the whole of Australia, as the Bass Coast Shire Council has done, declared a climate emergency, and developed a 10-year plan to zero emissions. This is possible.

Aileen Vening, Wonthaggi.