A PIECE of Wonthaggi Hospital history is in the process of being brought back to life.

For decades, an old employee punch clock sat in a hospital workshop after being used possibly 100 years ago.

Just last week, the clock ticked again thanks to the magic of Bass Coast Health maintenance man Mike Linsell.

Mike fashioned a new part to replace a broken bit, enabling the pendulum to swing once again and the hands to move.

“We were pretty excited when we got the clock going again,” Mike said.

The clock is a feat of wonder, ahead of its time by mechanically printing the time on a staff member’s card at the start and end of their shifts, long before the days of digital timekeeping.

“The internals are brass and are in beautiful condition. The springs that wind the clock are still intact,” Mike said.

Maintenance man Michael Jones, who has been at Wonthaggi Hospital since 1977, confirmed the clock had not been in service since 1972.

Michael believed the clock could date back to the 1920s and was made by International Time Recording Company Australia.

Michael remembers restoring the clock’s timber box in the 1980s with apprentice Peter Wyld.

“Mike sent me a video of the clock working and while I didn’t win Powerball that evening, seeing the clock working was the next best thing,” Michael said.

“The people who made the clock were craftsmen and did not have computers to work it all out.”

Mike is now preparing the clock to be on show in the new Wonthaggi Hospital – another piece of history to cherish.