By Shelby Brooks

YELLOW zucchinis grown in a Wonthaggi backyard have been featured on an episode of the Channel 10 megahit, MasterChef.

Dell Nolan of Wonthaggi appeared on MasterChef Australia last month when she supplied the contestants with her homegrown produce for the Suburban Mystery Box challenge in episode 18.

Dell Nolan appeared on an episode of MasterChef after she supplied contestants with her home-grown zucchinis.

“It was heaps of fun,” Dell told the Sentinel-Times.

Dell received a private message on Facebook from a MasterChef producer after responding to a call out for home grown pumpkins in a vegetable growers Facebook group.

“He just said he was from MasterChef and he was looking for produce grown in people’s backyards for a mystery box challenge,” she said.

“Originally he had wanted me to supply pumpkins but I didn’t have enough so we decided I would supply them with some zucchinis instead.”

Dell Nolan featured on episode 18 of MasterChef Australia on Channel 10 for the Suburban Mystery Box challenge.

And what amazing zucchinis they were!

On the show, MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo was visibly excited by Dell’s zucchinis saying, “I have never seen zucchinis as good as this – Dell, these are absolutely fabulous!”

The episode was filmed back in February before COVID-19 restrictions.

A week later, Dell and her husband were invited back to another episode filming in which they were patrons in the MasterChef restaurant and were treated to a three-course meal from the contestants during a different challenge.

“It was amazing food!” Dell said.