Evidently, some people still don’t.
Most commentators won’t deny it – at least 40 per cent believe in global warming.
Less than 10 per cent don’t, though they make the most noise.
This leaves 50 per cent in the middle, uncertain.
Most of us are hard pushed to believe what smartphones can do. They just do it – fact, evidence, certainty, not just belief.
Don’t you only need belief when you desperately hope something might be true, especially if there’s no convincing evidence?
Right now, COVID-19 is a big distraction, possibly the biggest threat ever to our health system and the economy.
The point is there have been previous health and economic crises and there will be more in the future. But they’ve always gone away.
Taking an interest in flu, you find different names, like Spanish, Hong Kong, Asian flu, but always letters and numbers except for shock jock press.
One which echoes back and forth, between Spanish flu and today, is avian flu, H1N1 mutating again in 2009 as (African) Swine flu.
In Australia, Swine flu killed 38,000 pigs and 1600 humans. Some reports from China claim as many as 200 million pigs died. Contemplate a moment.
It’s fact that viruses, ancient and modern, jumping to humans have been mutations from viruses we share with poultry and pigs.
Is growth in human population not looking more and more like a gigantic time bomb?
Growth in population of animals for food, along with water and crops to feed them, make future for all life forms ever riskier.
We’re all making the planet warmer.
Shock jocks smirk about “only 1.5 degC of warming”, in Australia and other countries. But we’re already seeing daytime temperatures in high 40s and low 50s for more days, and more days in a row, for earlier and later periods in the year.
We’re all in this together – us and domesticated animals to eat.
We’re under a transparent blanket of carbon dioxide.
It takes a decade or two before trapped heat energy reaches its final steady state temperature. All conventional aircon and fridges don’t work above 45 degC.
Unlike other crises, the climate emergency will not go away. Time to believe. If not us, who? If not now, when?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.