I have been following the discussion about the need to take action to protect the flora and fauna living on this property (Holden Proving Ground) with great interest.
It seemed that the hard-working people trying to protect this site had the support and backing of local council and councillors, when they passed a motion to approach the state government with a proposal to purchase the property and turn it into a state park.
However, despite the rhetoric from council and councillors that this was the quickest way to get something done, it remains a mystery why council did not also begin the process of having a protective overlay placed on the property.
This mystery was solved by viewing a government map showing the extensive sand mining leases already issued on the property and the amount of approvals granted within those leases.
There is little chance that the state government will acquire the property for a state park as that would put those sand mining leases in jeopardy.
It is hard to imagine that the council and the councillors were not aware of this at the time of passing their motion.
I am not sure if I would prefer to consider that this vote was taken as the result of a lack of knowledge or something worse.
If I was a cynical person I would wonder, if the proposal, vote and action taken by councillors were aimed more at posturing toward the upcoming council elections rather than a genuine attempt to save this important ecological site for future generations.
If council and councillors were serious about this matter, they would have begun action to have a protective overlay placed on the site as a matter of course. From the numerous emails and posts that I have seen this has not happened as yet.
Trevor Brown, San Remo.