DALYSTON FNC will be the next club to have seniors and reserves back on the training track, starting tonight, Thursday, June 11, but still without any indication that there’ll be any competition in 2020.

The club’s Under 16s and Under 18s got back to training on Tuesday but there seems more hope there at least, that there will be some sort of competitive footy this year.

Club President Andy Thomas said the club was following all the right procedures to get back to training but said it was very much a waiting game.

“We don’t know anything yet. They’re being guided by the State Government. There’s going to be some more changes coming in on June 22 and we’d be hopeful they’d say something about community sport then, but we just don’t know,” Mr Thomas said.

“I’d be more hopeful of some sort of season for junior and under-age football but as for senior football, you’d have to say there were serious doubts in 2020.”

No news on G25 restructure

And there’s been no word on the outcome of the Gippsland 2025 Strategic Plan (G25), commissioned by AFL Victoria and prepared by Colgan Bauer.

“They’re playing their cards close to their chest, but I understand it will be out by the end of July,” Mr Thomas said.

“I’m fairly confident the West Gippsland league will stay as is and it will largely be up to the other clubs what they want to do.”

The likes of MDU and Stony Creek could be looking for a berth in the nearby Mid Gippsland League but the Ellinbank and District FNL has so far shown no interest in accepting any newcomers.

Seems there’s a lot to play out in football before the end of the year, but little of it on the field, more’s the pity.