Powlett Street Inverloch is one of the busy streets in town that urgently needs a footpath.

Inverloch needs more footpaths, especially along the main routes into and across town.

That’s the view of long-time town resident Danny Knight, and he should know.

On March 1 this year in Venus Street he was knocked over by a car and airlifted to the Alfred Hospital.

Danny was coming home from a function at about 9pm, just on dark, and in the absence of a footpath was walking along the side of the road about a car width out from the kerb.

“The street lighting is poor in Venus Street like it is in a lot of streets in Inverloch and I was hit from behind,” said Danny.

“The driver wouldn’t have seen me and I certainly didn’t see him.”

Danny doesn’t remember being hit, probably fortunately for him given the injuries he sustained. He says he only remembers seeing the lights.

Emergency services must have thought Danny was dead when they arrived, out cold with deep lacerations to the head and a broken leg.

“They said in the paper I had a fractured skull. Fortunately not but they had to put staples in my head and a few days later I was able to leave hospital in a moon boot.

“But it made me realise just how bad the lighting is and how much Inverloch needs more footpaths.

“You’ve got a lot more people moving around the town these days, especially at the moment with people coming down here and working from home. The old arrangements aren’t enough anymore.

“It’s just not safe; Surf Parade, Venus Street of course, Powlett Street, Cashin Street, Royal Parade, Ullathorns Road and the other main roads. It’s not good enough,” he said.

The Bass Coast Shire Council is finalising its budget at the moment and while it has added pressure coping with the impact of coronavirus, you’d hope to see at least a few of Inverloch’s much-needed footpaths getting funded.