Leongatha’s songbird Janie Gordon makes it through the Battle Round of Channel 9’s The Voice in an unexpected twist.

Janie Gordon and Matt Evans were approached with a unique proposition by coach Delta.

Janie Gordon battled fellow Delta Goodrem contestant Matt Evans, singing a beautiful rendition of Lover by Taylor Swift.

But it was Boy George’s comment after the performance that sparked an idea in Delta.

He said the pair would make a “great group.”

“I’ve never seen two people more suited to sing together.”

An unexpected duo.

Delta couldn’t decide between the two so took a moment to ask a producer if she could take both, but as a duo.

Matt from WA brought up the fact that they live in different states and Janie said their styles were very different.

But after a stressful few minutes of discussion, the pair agreed.

“We’re going to do it!” they decided.

Janie and Matt will now go forward as a duo and we are absolutely stoked for her.

You can follow and support Janie and Matt on Instagram @janieandmatt