How good to be able to tune in to a livestreaming of a Bass Coast Shire Council meeting.
If you miss one, it will subsequently be put up on the council website,
If you are particularly interested in an issue, you can watch and learn which individual councillors speak for or against a motion concerning it and see how they vote on it.
At the May meeting, we were pleased to hear every councillor speak in favour of Cr Clare Le Serve’s motion asking the council to approach the state government to buy the GMH Proving Ground at Lang Lang to preserve the site’s environmental, cultural and coastal habitat values.
All put forward powerful arguments. Bravo and congratulations to councillors for working as a team and voting unanimously for the motion.
At the June meeting, it was also refreshing to see an almost repeat performance regarding the proposed Maher’s Landing marina, with councillors unanimously rejecting the unpopular proposal.
Hearing that councillors understand such important issues gives electors heart and energises them to keep working for common goals.
Meryl and Hartley Tobin, Grantville.