GONE! The sound shell has been mysteriously cleared from The Glade site at Inverloch.

INVERLOCH’S controversial sound shell is no more.

It has been torn down even before construction was complete.

Residents of the town alerted the Sentinel-Times to the presence of a huge crane on site on Monday, June 22 and despite torrential rain at times, demolition works started in The Glade early on Monday and by the end of the day, the Inverloch Lions Club project worth almost half a million dollars was gone.

Significant sections of the community, including the Inverloch Tourism Association, objected to the design of the soundshell claiming it was old technology and “not fit for purpose”.

The Sentinel-Times attempted to contact the Lions Club for comment but to no avail.

Why it went up without community approval and why it has so hastily been removed remains a mystery.

Bass Coast Shire Council, which was providing project management services and had contributed almost $200,000, referred media enquiries to the Lions Club.

Construction got underway in February with funding from the state government’s Pick My Project as well as fundraising efforts by the Club.

What happens now is anyone’s guess. The project has reportedly split the Lions Club, which has otherwise been a great supporter of the town and caused angst among community groups.