THE Ellinbank and District Football and Netball Leagues have called off their respective seasons for both seniors and juniors.

Nine out of the ten football clubs voted to abandon the season at a meeting on Wednesday, June 24, in accordance with their league statement on June 4 to not proceed if all the restrictions were not removed by the end of the month, said football league president Roger Gwynne.

“It was a tough decision. It was not made lightly and only made after many hours of discussion with all clubs,” he said.

“The EDFL Board of Management (BOM) very much wanted to proceed with a junior competition and all clubs put forward ideas to meet the restrictions but ultimately most clubs along with the board of management were adamant the health and wellbeing of the community was more important.”

The Ellinbank and District Netball Association, at the June 24 meeting, said it would follow the EDFL and also abandon their season across all grades.

“Our research also found a shortened season would be a financial liability on both the league and clubs and further feedback from our clubs suggested they may have difficulty managing the social distancing and biosecurity measures,” Mr Gwynne said.

“I’d like to thank all clubs for their co-operation over recent months. I am confident the right decision has been made and it will ensure all clubs and the league be in a stronger position for the 2021 season.”