I refer to an excellent article in Saturday’s Age (June 6) by John Silvester in which he gave us a retrospect on the career of retiring Police Commissioner Graham Ashton.
I was seized by Graham’s remark that “we have gone from problem solving to a response service… we need to get out and be visible. We have the numbers…”.
This translates to police pounding the beat.
I would like to see police on the beat in and around our town.
They are trained in facial recognition and would notice people of interest and make a mental note of the fact. It would also enable us to become acquainted with our own officers and greet them in passing and perhaps join them for coffee.
So instead of a fortress mentality, only emerging to respond to a situation, I call upon our local police to come out and engage with your community.
I am sure that the result would be mutually beneficial. Oh, and don’t trip over any shopping trolleys!
Ken Barnes, Wonthaggi.