Dear God,
Just occasionally amongst confusion of fake news, you find a gem.
The gem is cause of huge areas of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef.
It came from wonderful ABC RN Science Show, interviewing Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, University of Queensland.
In mid-1980s, studying tiny plants, inside animals which are corals, he also investigated samples of other coral, from Florida, brilliant white bleached. Seawater warming caused bleaching of coral, with just additional 1or 2degC, completely outside its comfort zone.
With GBR bleaching in mid-1990s, the topic was really hot. Ove wrote a paper about effect on coral of doubling of greenhouse gases. Expecting overwhelming bleaching not for one or 200 years, he was shocked his investigation showed total destruction warming in only 50 years. So, whether even bigger bleaching event happens with the next El Nino, or sooner, amount of reef left is shrinking, along with time to enjoy it.
Another gem recently, again by ABC, the television event Ocean Odyssey, of quality to make David Attenborough jealous. [It was] about marine life in the East Australian Current, it revealed cause of mysterious destruction of kelp forests.
Some is still good, in Southern Tasmania, but mostly, it’s gone. Previously, migrating fish were in harmony, up in GBR, but now, escaping to cooler waters, adapting to a new diet, they graze kelp until it’s all gone.
Meanwhile, our emissions rise at ever steeper rate. So please God, if not a miracle, just enough of a sign, so our PM Scomo recognises that size of risk justifies emission policy to reduce emissions and, eventually, ocean warming,
Bernie McComb, Cowes.