On footpaths, dogs and coronavirus

IT’S hard to look past the spectre of Melbourne’s 75 new coronavirus cases yesterday and the statement by Victoria’s chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton that the numbers will certainly go higher as the main issue of the day.
And washing hands, keeping safe distance, not going out if ill and the consideration of wearing masks should be uppermost in our minds.
But another issue that needs comment is the fact that when an area is designated for the establishment of a village or township, the primary purpose being to house people, everyone has to get their heads around the concept that a proper array of community services needs to be provided.
Now, whether or not a couple of shrubs need to be cut down along Surf Parade to make way for a footpath, a rock-breakwater put in to protect houses or areas provided where people can exercise their dogs, these decisions have already been taken.
We agreed to establish a town!
If you need footpaths to stop people from getting run over, if you need a carpark so people can get to the shops, if you need an area to exercise the dog… it needs to happen folks.
By all means reach the best compromise for the environment and for the aesthetics, and make arrangements for the loss of vegetation to be offset, for dunes to be supported and for the threat to Hooded Plovers to be ameliorated… but get on with it!
And councillors pushing their own narrow agendas need to take a good hard look.