RESIDENTS on Bena Road in Korumburra are calling on authorities to reduce the speed limit.

They say it’ll make it safer for everyone.

Michelle Lacanaria called the 100km/h speed limit “crazy”.

“It’s just too dangerous now,” she said.

The road begins with a speed limit of 60km/h, then increases to 80km/h before reaching 100km/h.

Michelle said because Bena Road is a narrow residential dead-end road, it should not be 100km/h.

Sonali Elstree, another Bena Road resident, said her son was nearly hit while walking on Bena Road.

“The driver just sped off, so I do not allow [my sons] to walk the road at all,” Sonali said.

“It is a dangerous stretch of road as it’s a straight run – making it easy for cars to increase speed quickly.”

Sonali suggested a chicane as a potential solution.

“Speed signs are hardly going to make a difference unless the police are patrolling that stretch of road regularly, which is highly unlikely,” she said.

A South Gippsland Shire Council spokesperson said council was currently processing an application to extend the 60km/h zone beyond the new housing development on Bena Road and were waiting on Regional Roads Victoria for approval.

The spokesperson said the road averages about 160 vehicles per day.

“The road was last inspected in late May and had one pothole at the time which is scheduled to be fixed,” the spokesperson said.

“There are also reseal preparation works planned for after winter. These works include stabilising patches (repairing pavement and cracked seal), regulating patches (levelling of depressions) and cleaning drains.”