Workers get on with the job of re-assembling the $1/2 million Inverloch Sound Shell.

THE $1/2 million Inverloch Sound Shell is rising again after being disassembled last Monday.

According to the President of the Inverloch and District Lions Club, Gary McAinch, it was only discovered when the cladding for the sound shell was ready to be fitted that the connections on the large, curved beams was 100ml out over their 12 metre length.

“We went to put on the cladding and it didn’t quite fit,” said Mr McAinch.

“Through the goodwill of the designer and the steelmaker, it is not going to cost us any more and TS Constructions, who have been wonderful to deal with, said it was better to take it down and get it right before putting it up again.”

Local engineers are in agreement.

Typically these sorts of issues will arise on a construction site from time to time and it is down to the skills of the engineer, designed and construction company for those problems to be solved.

“It often happens in building, it just so happens it’s in the centre of town,” said Mr McAinch.

Asked if he had heard some of the negative comment about the project and the hiccup in its construction.

“The silent majority supports what we are doing. We’ve been threatened with legal action and other negative remarks but we’ve just let that go by.

“There are people in town who want to have an opinion on everything that’s going on. My phone number is out there but people don’t call me to get the right information. They use Facebook to make their remarks.”

Mr McAinch said the appropriate adjustments had been made to the beams and the structure was taking shape again over the next few days.

Workers had three of the large white beams in place by late in the day today but had to drop one of them again and will continue on Thursday and Friday.

Mr McAinch said he expected the sound shell to be completed in two to three weeks time.

The facility has received support from local musicians as another venue for them to use in an area starved of live performance venues.