The recent article concerning ‘Inverloch residents fear flooding’ (June 23) is the thin edge of the wedge with respect to the consequences of a warming world.
People living along coastlines everywhere on this planet are being impacted by rising sea level and storm surges.
Everything you have read about projected rates of sea level rise from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is very conservative and has already been superseded by reality.
There has been an intensive international effort during the past two seasons on the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica to collect data on the imminent breakup of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
It will be some time before scientists develop a realistic model for ongoing sea level rise. There is no room for complacency. The ocean is coming.
Urban structures less than 5m above sea level do not have much of a future anywhere on this planet.
Governments and the people at large have been aware that this could be a problem for the past 50 years.
Many of us have chosen to ignore the greenhouse problem and some of our politicians continue to deliberately exacerbate the problem by accelerating the exploitation of fossil fuels.
If they succeed in mining and exporting the coal from the Galilee Basin (QLD) and continue to exploit natural gas in Australia, there will be serious irreversible consequences for future generations of Australians and everyone else on the planet. We Australians can make or break this problem. The choice is yours!
The option of building a wall against the ocean is problematic because: where does it start and where does it finish? The SGST photograph of Councillor [Brett] Tessari perched on top of a 70m long wall of sandbags in front of the Inverloch Surf Club was reminiscent of King Canute’s prophecy but lacking the wisdom of King Canute. The tide waits for no-one.
If you think it through, the only solution is to retreat prior to the ocean reclaiming part of the coast.
You don’t sacrifice good soldiers needlessly by bad planning as General Haig did to the Australian 5th Division at Fromelles in 1916.
The government will need to assist people with real estate that is deemed to be at risk of obliteration by the ocean, much in the manner they have had to assist with the asbestos housing problem.
It is sad and unfortunate that the current Liberal/National Party government cannot see the perverse stupidity of ongoing policies to further exploit fossil fuels.
Their post-COVID recovery plan is to accelerate the exploitation of coal and natural gas which includes fracking.
There are more potential jobs and cheaper energy prices available by using renewable energy, but your federal leaders are not moving in that direction. The solution is in your hands. Make the right choice soon because you may not get a second chance.
Ted Minty, Wonthaggi.