By Michael Giles

THERE are so many variables for farmers, from the weather, to the prices they can expect for their produce, and everything in between, including supplementary feed costs, fertiliser, fuel and all the rest, that there’s rarely a time when they can things are going well.
In fact, they’ve often been painted as figures of fun for always whinging about one thing or another.
The rain didn’t arrive on the right day. The crop was great but so was everyone else’s. You’ve know the drill.
But not now.
And isn’t it great to get some good news in the present climate.
Out at the Leongatha Saleyards last Friday, a prominent local beef producer said the last three seasons in South Gippsland, together with the prices being paid, have been the best ever, absolutely fantastic to the point where he could consider buying more land, a new car and a few of the luxuries of life at last.
He’s even seen a fantastic lift in seasonal conditions at a property he owns east of the Latrobe Valley, so badly hit by drought in recent years.
Veteran stock agent from Stacey’s Bridge near Yarram, David Phelan, was even prepared to chance his arm and declare the best conditions locally in 100 years. He should know!
Dairy farming too has been OK in the past year.
Around the agricultural service scene, the machinery firms and farms suppliers, have also been delighted with trading conditions in the past 12 months. That’s great! Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.