CEO no idea, administrators don’t know. South Gippsland Shire is now worse than before councillors were sacked.
$2m business help that was put on table some seven weeks ago – administration have no idea how to implement it, inside people have told me.
Working from home isn’t working out, phones fail to change, batteries go flat, admin in chaos.
Shire web in disarray, you cannot find stuff; shire staff can’t help due to they also cannot find it.
Community not happy. Not being told the facts, shire numbers are incorrect, total mess now on Korumburra Community hub.
Land too small, too steep. Shire waives parking, ramps size, roads don’t work.
Shire fails to respond to letters, emails within time.
Much-needed hub for Korumburra now fails government rules, people [with a disability] are not helped, [they] miss out.
Open meeting needed to all involved. Shire hides behind COVID-19.
Emails, letters must be sent to all houses, losing parking, shops, shops losing parking.
David Amor, Korumburra.