The editor of the SGST states that there are no statues of Hitler in Germany. The editor also suggests that we should go out and tear down McMillan’s cairns.
That argument is being promulgated in USA to justify tearing down Confederate statues.
History shows that Hitler lifted Germany out of depression and gave them back the pride they lost after defeat in WW1. He was arguably one of the twentieth century’s most charismatic men, but Hitler was evil and led Germany down a dark road. It is understandable that modern Germany does not wish to be reminded of Hitler.
Hitler’s surviving henchmen were given trials at Nuremberg.
Angus McMillan is perhaps not in the same league, but he also deserves a trial. Not to exonerate him, but to expose whatever his malfeasance.
We want our history to be complete and not compromised by acts of vandalism.
The cairns act as a guide to McMillan’s travels. Leave them be. Find a better path.
Encouraging the public to engage in destruction of property through your editorial page is not a good look, and could be described as incitement to violence.
Be careful, I think, about book-burning, rewriting or whitewashing history, and to be judged by the mores of your own time.
As the editor, of a free press, I believe you should put the facts out there for your public to read in an unbiased whole.
Establish the facts of McMillan’s alleged crimes, print them, then write a codicil of fact if required at the cairns. You might thus exorcise your moral outrage.
Peter Brown, Glen Forbes.

Editor’s note: The editor did not write last week’s Sentinel-Times comment piece.