The drive-through testing station at the Wonthaggi Hospital is testing up to 144 people a day.

FORGET the rumours if you can.

There’s enough that’s real about the coronavirus pandemic to have all of us on our guard, wherever we go.

But the latest rumour to gain some traction locally is that there was/has been a positive case in one of the aged care facilities operated by Bass Coast Health, Kirrak House. Not true.

“There has been a rumour circulating that we have had a case at Kirrak House, but we haven’t. In fact, we haven’t got a case at the hospital or any of our facilities,” said Bass Coast Health CEO Jan Child.

“And thankfully, none of our staff have so far tested positive.

“But it is a risk, definitely and because many health workers are becoming infected in the general community, we are advising our staff members not to go out socially.

“It’s a tough ask but a necessary one,” said Ms Child.

“Really, you’ve got to adopt the approach that everyone you meet socially, pass by at the supermarket or in the shops has got the virus because of the nature of the virus, with many people asymptomatic, there are definitely positive cases out and about, 100%.

“The two cases we do have at the moment are not seriously ill and are safely in isolation but it’s the ones you can’t see that you need to worry about.”

Ms Child said that at the slightest sign of a symptom; headache, runny nose, dry throat, cough; people should come in to be tested, either at the drive-through at the Wonthaggi Hospital or the Phillip Island Health Hub which operates 24/7.

“Our biggest day at the drive-through so far has been 144 in a day so it’s really been running well and we want to thank people for coming in and getting tested.”

On Friday this week, there was a steady stream of cars going through the undercover, drive-through testing station in front of the hospital carpark but it was only a short wait to be seen by staff, all decked out in their head to toe Personal Protection Equipment PPE.

“They’re doing a great job and so are the people doing the right thing by coming in to get tested.”

And Ms Child reminded those considering getting tested to isolate at home both before and after, until their result is notified.

So no, there are no positives in hospital or aged care at Bass Coast Health, but you can bet there are asymptomatic people out in the general community locally.

“That’s 100%,” says Ms Child.