I read and see criticism in various media of Dan Andrews on the job he’s doing at present.
Some reporters and TV hosts calling for his resignation.
Sure, the employment of a security firm was a big mistake but was it his decision alone? I think not.
The biggest mistake was the Ruby Princess, allowing all those passengers off without screening and enforcing isolation has contributed hugely to the situation we are currently in.
There must have been at least some concern re the possibility of the virus on board, otherwise why were passengers held and not disembarked shortly after arrival? No, this mistake is squarely on the NSW Government, NSW Health Department and Border Force, and Dan Andrews is doing his level best to clean it up.
I am also appalled at the lack of cooperation in following the advice and requests from our Health Department.
Social distancing in groups appears to be a joke to a lot of people when in shops or supermarkets, or out walking.
If you’ve been socialising with groups in close contact you may be infected and not know it.
It’s no good saying “I feel OK, I’m fine”, only a swab test will tell. As individuals, we all have a responsibility to our families, friends, workmates, our community and really to our state of Victoria.
We must all, every single one of us, adhere to the rules for as long as it takes till we get a vaccine.
Otherwise the case numbers will continue to rise daily and more people will die like the 30+ already.
Frank Deane, Inverloch.