By Shelby Brooks

GROWING up part-time on her father’s farm in Dumbalk, Emily Rath has taken her love for South Gippsland into her quest to find love on Channel 7’s Farmer Wants a Wife series.

Emily with dog Bailey on the farm in Dumbalk.

“My family has a farm in Dumbalk and had since I was about six, I visited every weekend and every holiday and it’s the happiest place on earth for me,” she said.

“I’ve had such wonderful experiences in the country and would love to have that lifestyle for my future.”

With family also based in Stony Creek, Emily is a South Gippsland regular, and particularly loves Kelly’s Bakery in Korumburra.

Emily is competing for farmer Sam’s love, a tropical fruit farmer from Queensland, on the show’s tenth season.

The show is considered the most successful dating show in the world, with 99 marriages and 225 farmer babies worldwide.

“It was a lot different from any other dating experience I’ve had for sure,” Emily said.

“We got to do lots of fun activities together and have one-on-one times for those personal conversations.

“And once you get into those personal conversations you become focused on the other person and the cameras are like background noise.”

But the show doesn’t have the same level of drama like other dating shows, and Emily said the experience was a beautiful one.

“That was the biggest deterrent for me in all honesty, is that often girls can be nasty on these type of reality dating shows,” Emily said.

“But thankfully all the girls were so lovely and kind.

“Although we’re all competing for Sam’s attention, we do it with respect of each other, so it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.”

Each farmer has chosen eight girls to get to know before having to pick just four to take back to their respective farms.

The 24-year-old said she would be open to moving to Queensland to pursue a relationship with farmer Sam if it worked out.

“I have family in Brisbane so to have that connection to family in the same state is a huge win,” she said.

“When I first met him, he came across as a really genuine, down to earth person.

“Sam has got really strong family values and loves food and that resonated with me.”

Farmer Wants a Wife will be airing on Sunday, July 26, on Channel 7.

You can follow Emily’s journey on Instagram @emmrath.