THERE is to be no more “going to your second house to do maintenance” or self-isolating in your holiday house by the coast after metropolitan Melbourne goes back to a new version of Stage Three lockdown from midnight tonight, Wednesday, July 8.

According to a wide-ranging address by the Premier Daniel Andrews, people on holidays in regional Victoria can finish their holiday but then they must go home and stay home.

And he clarified what “principal place of residence” means for Melbourne people impacted by the revised lockdown which last for the next six weeks.

While the new restrictions on Melbourne residents will impact the local economy, the upside is that cafes and other businesses will be able to stay open for locals with the chance that restrictions will be further eased in regional areas.

It’s all about protecting areas of low infection but it now relies on country people continuing to observe the rules around hand washing, social distance, sanitation and not going to locked down areas, which means all of Melbourne.

Here’s what the Premier had to say about Melbourne people staying home:

“There are a couple of differences with the Stay at Home order this time as compared to last time. You will be able to go out to go to work if you have to, to go shopping for the things you need when you need them, to study, to provide care or to get care. People are well acquainted with those rules.

“Daily exercise though will be treated differently. You cannot leave metropolitan Melbourne to get your daily exercise. There are a number of now, on the advice of the chief health officer, very low public health risk activities that will be permitted that were not permitted last time. But the most important point to make around exercise is that you can’t be going on a four-hour bush walk, hundreds of kilometres away from Melbourne. You can’t be going fishing, again, outside the metropolitan area down into regional Victoria.

“Regional Victoria has very, very few cases and vast parts of regional Victoria have no cases, this is designed to keep it that way.”

Further easing in regional areas

“And I hope to be able to be before you soon to talk about further easing of restrictions in regional Victoria. That’s not for today. I do hope that is quite soon and we’ll only be able to achieve that if we continue to contain within metropolitan Melbourne and not see large outbreaks or additional cases in regional Victoria.

“In terms of ‘Principal Place of Residence’, stay at home means just that. Not stay at your holiday home.”

He said people on holiday could continue with their holiday but after that, they must go home to their principal place of residence.

He said the rules against Melbourne people going to the country would be enforced.

There won’t be a roadblock, he said, there won’t be a ring around Melbourne but cars will be stopped to see where they are going.

“This is not a popularity contest, it’s a pandemic,” Mr Andrews said.