By Shelby Brooks

ONCE again, Leongatha’s Janie Gordon has wowed The Voice judges and sailed through to the next round of the hit singing show along with new duo partner Matt Evans.

The pair shone in tonight’s Playoffs, performing under the new group name Goldi.

“We came up with it based on our favourite colours,” Matt told the Sentinel-Times today (Monday, July 6).

Matt from WA and Janie from Leongatha said they used video chat a lot to practice as a duo while in lockdown.

“Janie’s favourite colour is yellow and mine is orange so we kind of wanted to meet in the middle somewhere and have a blend of the two.

“So, we came to a golden type colour being what we could picture so we shortened it to Goldie and then dropped off the ‘e’.”

They sang a rendition of Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ which the pair described as a “curveball”.

“We just had to do our best to manage it and make it our own without trying to sound like we were just covering it,” Matt said.

Coach Guy Sebastian said he still didn’t “get” the joining together of Matt and Janie into a group.

“You’re going to hate me for this, but I sort of felt like that was a Glee version of the song,” Guy said.

“I know that sounds brutal but I’m just trying to help.”

Fellow coach Kelly Rowland said she felt “uncertainty” in the duo’s performance.

Coach Delta Goodrem chose to send Goldi through to the next round over fellow contestant Claudia in the Flume inspired Playoff.

But Delta disagreed and made the choice to take Goldi through to the next round to teach them more about energy and performance.

“This is the first time you’ve performed [as a group]. You two being brought together is a new experience to learn how to be performers and how to step up together,” Delta said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began right as the duo was formed, the pair, who are from different states, had some unique challenges to overcome.

“When COVID-19 hit, it was a pretty big disruption to the whole process of becoming a duo,” Janie said.

“We were sending demos back and forth and just trying to keep in contact, keep chatting about music and getting to know each other and how we perform.

“But we managed to keep going, thanks to today’s technology.”

Last night the duo performed to a virtual audience of pre-recorded cheers and applauses from family and friends of the contestants.

Coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George were also virtually involved from their respective homes in the US and UK.

The duo’s first performance together aired Monday night and they will sing again in the Showdowns.

Janie and Matt said they had to draw energy from each other to lift their performance without a physical audience in the studio.

Delta chose Goldi over fellow contestant Claudia, and Goldi will now perform next at the Showdowns.

During the Battles, Delta Goodrem shocked everyone, including Janie and Matt, when she asked them to join forces and proceed through the competition as a group, rather than individually.

“From the coaches’ comments, we had an idea that Delta might want to create a duo, but we were both pretty shocked and nervous as to what was going to happen next,” Janie said.

“[Matt and I] had met a couple times and had just been starting to get to know each other as well as the rest of Team Delta.

“We both didn’t want to leave the competition!”

Janie and Matt considered it an opportunity to keep performing on a nation-wide platform and took the deal.

“We thought why risk one of us going home, when we can both stay and perform again and be in a new duo,” Janie said.