I read the story last week about a man who got hit by a car from behind whilst walking home along Venus Street around 9pm after a function.
He is now lobbying for more footpaths in Inverloch.
Firstly, I wonder if the man was sober, and secondly why was he not walking on the side against the traffic which is the time-honoured rule, so that you can see any cars coming.
Many people like the fact there are few footpaths in Inverloch and walking on the sparsely trafficked back streets is one of the nice things to do when in Inverloch.
Lastly, we do not want to see our rates money spent on footpaths that are not needed, we would prefer to see the rate money spent on more necessary things
Name and address supplied.

Editor: Inverloch is not the sleepy coastal town it once used to be, more’s the pity some will say. Like you, many more people have recognised its attractions, moving here in search of a healthy lifestyle which includes walking to, on and from the beach. They deserve to be able to do so safely.