THE Korumburra Round Table (KRT) community representative group is back in harness and earlier this month received a briefing from the shire on some of the projects coming up in Korumburra.
President of the round table, Peewee Lewis, reports that the group had a most informative presentation by the council’s major projects duo of Penni Ellicott and Jareth Goss.
“Penni and Jareth were able to update us on the Korumburra Hub, the Rail Trail, the Streetscape, and the skate park, all of which are now no longer a pipe dream awaiting funding, but are some way along the process to completion,” Mrs Lewis said.
“Firstly, on the Community Hub at the old kinder site, we were excited to learn that there have been half a dozen meetings with the architects in the last week, and by the end of August, the detailed designs will have been completed.
“It is expected that the project will go out to tender in early September.
“We learnt that the hub will now also have a council presence; so rather than tripping over to Leongatha to speak to someone about your planning and rates matters, it will be possible, for example, to make an appointment to speak to someone at a council desk here at the Hub while you’re visiting Centrelink or browsing at the library, having your weekly senior cits’ lunch, or perhaps doing a course at Milpara.
“We cannot wait to see it all come to fruition.
“Some concerns still exist over parking in Little Commercial Street, and, of course, with any venture of this size there will be some changes to parking, but Jareth Goss has assured us that he will be consulting with all the affected businesses, one on one, to ensure they understand what is planned for the area.”
And there’s more.
“By the end of the year, you will also see works starting up around the railway precinct to the left of the Kellys/post office car park, where the current picnic tables and swings are,” Mrs Lewis reported.
“This area is to be transformed into a new entry-level skate park, and will form part of a broader community space for all of us to enjoy, including plenty of all-day parking.
“And now the rail trail. Such great news to hear that we now have all the funding in place.
“The works will be delivered in two packages – one is the work necessary for all bridges between Leongatha and Nyora, and the other is for the trail itself. It’s worth noting that the grant also includes funding for the shire to take over ongoing maintenance of the trail – something which has been done by voluntary groups in the past.
“There are some heritage issues to be dealt with around our beautiful station, and these things always take time, but it is hoped that in two years the entire trail will be ready for us all to enjoy.
“And finally, we had cause to celebrate Terry Waycott’s hard work, pushing for a proper path out along Jumbunna Road to the secondary college – now being described by us as ‘Waycott’s Way’ – as it is almost there, with only the final few hundred metres to go.
“We’ve been promised a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the council on completion, so keep an eye out for pics.
“We’re so glad that in a time of so much isolation and uncertainty, there is a lot to look forward to in Korumburra.”
The face-to-face meeting took place at the Korumburra Golf Club, an ideally spacious venue, and a big thanks go to manager and KRT rep John Payne for extending the invitation to use that fantastic facility for the meeting.
Early in the night the group welcomed a new KRT member, Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks, representing both Landcare and the South Gippsland Shire Brass Band.
According to Mrs Lewis, Nigel also brings a wealth of experience in the area of town planning at a time when our town is most certainly witnessing unprecedented growth.