If natural environment is at the core of attractions for people to come to Phillip Island, any chance, if roundabouts really are to be planted, that plants can be water-wise natives?
Isn’t it a waste of effort, chemicals and water, with previously prettified roundabouts, to use annuals?
Don’t they make us look silly, just short duration bright colours, located where nobody can stop to admire?
Natives are surely what we need. Or are new roundabouts designed as dual lane so that vehicles in the outside lane can stop to smell and admire the flowers? Maybe not.
Considering how big they are, how about angle parking around the circumference with fast food joint upstairs, on cantilevered platform, like a lighthouse?
Please have a chuckle and don’t take this seriously. And try to chuckle when you’re in traffic around such a big roundabout travelling slower than before the arrival of the roundabout.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.