A PHILLIP Island based band has won Theatre Gippsland’s ‘Gippsland Live’ song-writing competition.

Sheokes, comprising of Surf Beach musician Bernadette Carroll and Anthi Emmanouil from Ryanston, was one of three winners in the video song contest held on Facebook.

Their song ‘Nothing Left’ won them a paid live set at Esso Night Under the Stars 2021.

“We were very surprised to win,” said vocalist Bernadette.

“Anthi introduced the song to me, she had it for a while, and it was really good.

“I thought, I can work with that.”

The pair only started performing as Sheokes at the end of last year and didn’t have many gigs together before COVID-19 hit.

“COVID has changed my outlook on things,” Bernadette said.

She has been working as a full-time musician across Gippsland for 10 years.

“Performers were the first ones out [because of COVID-19] and will be the last ones back on board.”

Ella McCubbin and Olivia Lay were the other two winners of the contest.

You can listen to Sheokes’ song ‘Nothing Left’ on Theatre Gippsland’s Facebook page.