But outlines reasons to go to Melbourne

Danny O’Brien MP has welcomed the country city divide.

GIPPSLAND South MLA Danny O’Brien has praised the Premier Daniel Andrews and his team for recognising the differences between the Melbourne metro area and country areas.

He also clarified that people could go to Melbourne under the same four rules; for school, for work, for medical appointments or on compassionate grounds.

“Credit where it’s due to the Premier and the government that there are very much lower-case numbers in Gippsland than in Melbourne and he has made the right decision,” Mr O’Brien said.

Mr O’Brien said is was clear that people who lived on the border of the Melbourne metro area who lived and worked on either side of the border could go to work under the “four reasons” rules.

He said tradesmen who needed to go to Melbourne for work could do so, anything involving education and work.

He said people could also travel through Melbourne to go to Geelong or elsewhere in the state for one of the four reasons; work, education, medical appointments or compassionate reasons.

He also noted that in local tourism areas residents had started to become concerned about hosting visitors and holidaymakers from Melbourne and many were relieved that Melbourne people would not be allowed to visit until there was a downturn in the numbers.

But he urged locals to visit local cafes and to shop locally.

“The tourists won’t be coming but there’s the opportunity for country people to support local businesses in the absence of visitors.”

Phillip Island tourist operators are already reporting cancellations in the wake of the Premier’s announcement yesterday despite the fact that those on holidays can finish their holidays.

“It’s going to be a hard time for everyone,” said operator of the Seahorse Motel at Cowes Lino Drasi, who has reported significant cancellation of bookings.