These are among the dogs surrendered to the RSPCA.

HOW does one person get to have 55 dogs as pets?

It’s a question that officers of the RSPCA must be asking themselves after they accepted the dogs from an owner last Thursday, July 9 at an undisclosed location in Victoria.

The owner had identified they were no longer able to care for the dogs.

The surrender included 37 Maltese cross Poodles, 12 Beagle crosses and seven Jack Russell Terrier crosses.

RSPCA Victoria will care for the 55 dogs at its Peninsula and Burwood East shelters until they are ready to find loving forever homes.

They will advise the community when the dogs are ready to be re-homed and those interested can apply.

All dogs are currently undergoing vet checks, behaviour assessments and will receive grooming where needed.

In 2019-20 RSPCA Victoria shelters cared for more than 17,276 animals, 3252 of which were surrendered by their owners.

Lisa Calleja, Inspectorate Team Leader of RSPCA’s Major Investigations Team, said they regularly worked with owners to arrange the surrender of animals who they could not adequately care for.

“People surrender their animals for a variety of reasons. The Major Investigations Team can provide these owners with an option to surrender the ownership of their animals to RSPCA Victoria – we will ensure they are cared for and responsibly rehomed,” said Ms Calleja.

“We recently secured a surrender of 55 dogs from an owner who recognised that they were not able to adequately care for the animals. This decision means that the dogs will get a second chance at living a happy, healthy life with people or families who adopt them through RSPCA Victoria.

“Giving up an animal can be an incredibly difficult decision, however sometimes it’s in the best interests of the animal. There is no shame in recognising that and asking for help when you need it.”

While one function of RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate is to prosecute acts of cruelty, it also regularly works with owners to arrange surrenders where the welfare of animals may be compromised.