Dear CEO
Open letter re shire tourism
Great news and congratulations for the grants for the Rail Trail Extension work. However, we would also point out that the grants total $1.4 million and ratepayers will need to stump up $6.2 million according to the budget! We also remind ratepayers that they forked out $540,000 for a viewing platform at Agnes Falls which was cancelled and the shire pocketed that money – presumably now spent on the Rail Trail.
The South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) see that the shire tourism body – Prom Country Regional Tourism – is now defunct so we would urge council to consider how tourism can be stimulated across the rest of the shire, particularly the east end. Our process is based upon economic growth and tourism via a broad-based community push for action focusing on extra residential development to fund the tourism benefits.
If we open up our community to the development of say 600+ extra residential lots in selected localities, we can use developer charges to fund the base water supply improvements which can facilitate tourism infrastructure. These extra residential lots can boost our population which in turn supports local businesses and creates jobs. The provision of a sound water supply is critical to creating tourism facilities. We need to make the water supply work for us.
A water supply can lead to the tourist resort at the Prom gates becoming more than just a zone on planning scheme maps. We can assure the operation of the Foley Rd caravan park and ensure a fire fighting supply. A water supply to Waratah Bay could see resources expanded at that village making it a premier destination in the shire.
The shire has it all! Let’s promote it and make it easy for them to enjoy what we take for granted: fantastic natural attractions, Agnes Falls, fishing and boating in Corner Inlet, visits to the Prom, rail trail rides and walks, great food, local cheeses and wines, quirky small towns, historic links at Coal Creek and just stunning, fabulous country.
We can develop more tourist resources – beach side walk from Waratah Bay to Sandy Point, the walk at Fish Creek to Mt Nichols, a trail linking Foster to the Prom and Waratah Bay, viewing platform at Agnes Falls, underwater observatory at the Port Welshpool Long Jetty. Contact SGAG to talk about these ideas. (
Lindsay Love, Secretary, South Gippsland Action Group.