IT’S one thing to stop residents of Melbourne’s locked down area coming out into the country.
But what about country people going to Melbourne on shopping trips, partying and visiting friends or family and then returning home?
It’s got to be a risk, a major risk, especially with the high-level of community transmission in the metro area.
You can rely on most people doing the right thing, and limiting their trips into Melbourne to work, medical and compassionate purposes, and taking all the proper precautions while they are there.
But there are plenty of people who either don’t think or don’t care.
And you only need to look at the precautions the NSW government is putting in place.
They’re absolutely freaking out about 62 new cases in the past week, up from eight, and we’ve got people running in and out of Melbourne with no restrictions despite daily rises of 428, 217 and 363!
Over the weekend we saw evidence of that spread happening, and worryingly, emerging in regional aged care facilities.
Why aren’t we doing more to stop the spread of the virus from Melbourne by placing restrictions on travel to and from Melbourne by country locals?
They’ve talked about logistic problems but at least put up a website making country people apply for and download a permit to visit Melbourne. That way authorities could reinforce the rules and those applying would have to think twice about the need for such trips.