YOU can now find out how many active COVID-19 cases there are in each postcode.

The Department of Health and Human Services released the data today (Friday, July 31), as first reported by The Age.

Local postcode information and number of active cases:

3922 Cowes, Silverleaves, Smiths Beach, Summerlands, Sunderland Bay, Sunset Strip, Surf Beach, Ventnor, Wimbledon Heights 0
3925 Cape Woolamai, Churchill Island, Newhaven, San Remo 1
3950 Kardella South, Korumburra, Korumburra South, Strzelecki, Whitelaw 3
3951 Arawata, Fairbank, Jumbunna, Kardella, Kongwak, Moyarra, Outtrim, Ranceby 0
3953 Berrys Creek, Boorool, Hallston, Koorooman, Leongatha, Leongatha North, Leongatha South, Mardan, Mount Eccles, Mount Eccles South, Nerrena, Ruby, Trida, Wild Dog Valley, Wooreen 0
3956 Dumbalk, Dumbalk North, Meeniyan, Middle Tarwin, Tarwin, Tarwin Lower, Venus Bay, Walkerville, Walkerville North, Walkerville South 0
3959 Fish Creek, Sandy Point, Waratah Bay 0
3960 Bennison, Boolarong, Foster, Foster North, Gunyah, Mount Best, Shallow Inlet, Tidal River, Turtons Creek, Wilsons Promontory, Wonga, Woorarra West, Yanakie 0
3971 Alberton, Alberton West, Balook, Calrossie, Devon North, Gelliondale, Hiawatha, Hunterston, Jack River, Langsborough, Macks Creek, Madalya, Manns Beach, Port Albert, Robertsons Beach, Snake Island, Staceys Bridge, Tarra Valley, Tarraville, Won Wron, Yarram 0
3981 Bayles, Catani, Dalmore, Heath Hill, Koo Wee Rup, Koo Wee Rup North, Yannathan 0
3984 Adams Estate, Caldermeade, Corinella, Coronet Bay, Grantville, Jam Jerrup, Lang Lang, Lang Lang East, Monomeith, Pioneer Bay, Queensferry, Tenby Point, The Gurdies 2
3987 Nyora 0
3988 Mountain View, Poowong, Poowong East, Poowong North 0
3995 Anderson, Archies Creek, Cape Paterson, Harmers Haven, Kilcunda, Lance Creek, North Wonthaggi, South Dudley, St Clair, Wattle Bank, Wonthaggi, Woolamai 2
3871 Allambee Reserve, Allambee South, Baromi, Darlimurla, Delburn, Dollar, Mirboo, Mirboo North 0


Note: Data is based on postcode of residence of person, which may not be their current location.

Rates have not been calculated for areas with fewer than 1000 people or for which population data is not available. The population data for postcodes is from the 2016 postal area data.

Rates were not calculated for the following areas:

  • 3923 Rhyll
  • 3921 Elizabeth Island, French Island
  • 3945 Jeetho, Krowera, Loch, Woodleigh
  • 3946 Bena
  • 3954 Koonwarra
  • 3957 Stony Creek
  • 3958 Buffalo
  • 3962 Agnes, Toora, Toora North, Wonyip, Woorarra East
  • 3964 Port Franklin
  • 3965 Port Welshpool
  • 3966 Binginwarri, Hazel Park, Welshpool
  • 3967 Hedley
  • 3990 Glen Forbes
  • 3991 Bass
  • 3992 Blackwood Forest, Dalyston, Ryanston, West Creek
  • 3996 Inverloch, Pound Creek