Bass Coast Health CEO Jan Child with Bass MP Jordan Crugnale.

YOU’VE probably heard the rumours too.

That people who’ve subsequently tested positive for coronavirus have been here.

These rumours, some with specific business names attached, tracing movements, have even been quite detailed.

But so far, none have been confirmed either by the business premises named, their staff members or the peak local health service, Bass Coast Health.

So, any claims to the contrary at this stage are not only unhelpful but also damaging.

Yes, the community has a right to know, but they have the right to know the information from a reputable source.

Earlier this week the Sentinel-Times put one of these rumours to Bass Coast Health CEO, Jan Child.

Ms Child said she could neither confirm or deny the claims but stressed that with the number of people moving in and out of the area over the school holidays, “there is a strong likelihood of us having positive cases in our catchment now and into the future”.

So, take it as read, there are likely to be positive cases in both South Gippsland and Bass Coast and we should be taking all precautions: washing hands, maintaining social distance at all times, coughing or sneezing into our elbow, getting tested or seeking medical intervention with even mild ‘flu-like’ symptoms and yes, it’s probably time for masks… you know the drill.

Here’s what Ms Child had to say earlier in the week:

“BCH will not always know of every positive case and if we did, we would not be able to confirm it due to privacy, but I can tell you generally, given the high rates of community transmission, the very infectious nature of this virus, the high level of complacency by many people in our community who are not doing the right thing with distancing and hygiene, the potential for people to be asymptomatic and not even know they are spreading it, and the number of people who move in and out of our catchment, there is a strong likelihood of us having positive cases in our catchment now and into the future,” Ms Child said.

“We are at a very concerning crossroads. How we fare will absolutely be determined by how we all behave locally, no matter who we are or where we normally live.”

So, the message is, it’s probably here, thankfully in low numbers at this stage, but we need to act accordingly.