By Kirra Grimes

THE Tabro Meats export abattoir at Lance Creek is set to reopen at the end of August with plans to increase operating capacity, as Australian agricultural group MMG 1829 Holdings confirms it has purchased the plant.

MMG today announced the acquisition of the Tabro abattoir, as well as leading international meat merchant, Inter Agri Group Pty Ltd (InterAgri).

Shaun Brorsen, CEO of Tabro, soon to renamed Mandeville Pty Ltd, said the acquisition by MMG meant that the processing plant would restart after a period in administration.

“Furthermore, MMG’s investment in the plant infrastructure will increase our output capacity from 500 to 800 head a day over the next 12 months,” Mr Brorsen said.

MMG Executive Chairman Tim Clarke said the acquisition of Tabro and InterAgri marks the start of an exciting growth phase for the MMG 1829 group in its development of a vertically integrated Australian agricultural business.

“These purchases are the first step in a list of strategic acquisitions to create a supply chain that addresses key challenges such as food security, sustainability with a strong focus on provenance to feed the growing demands of increasingly sophisticated consumers,” Mr Clarke said.

“Our vertical supply chain targets domestic and international consumers via retail, food service and online markets, including world class manufacturers. Our agriculture strategic model means we aim to control product quality, environmental impact and animal welfare.

“The MMG model is seriously scalable and we are set to pursue further acquisitions to bolster the business and position it as a leading Australian agriculture company,” he said.

The Lance Creek abattoir was owned by Shaun Brorsen’s late father Ted from 1989 to 2014, employing over 220 meat workers at its peak.

Chinese company HY Holdings ran into financial troubles upon purchasing the plant in 2014, resulting in job cuts and eventually, the shutdown of the site in late 2017.

Hong Kong firm Abax Global Capital had control of the abattoir at the time of MMG’s acquisition.

Mr Brorsen previously confirmed that the plant still holds licences and accreditations to export to the US and China, despite being nonoperational for more than two years.

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