The beach access steps along the coast are just that, for access to the beach.
They are not there are as a few people’s personal exercise equipment.
In recent months I have encountered three groups of people doing exercise by running up and down the steps repeatedly.
The steps are narrow, certainly less than 1.5 metres wide.
Most people make a very obvious attempt to make as much space for each other as possible when passing on the steps.
These groups have made no effort to avoid close contact with other people.
They are breathing heavily which would make transmission of the flu much more likely.
Given the drastic measures being taken by the government I can only believe these people are incredibly stupid or incredibly selfish. Probably both.
I see no reason why this activity is not banned.
If people want to exercise at the beach, what is wrong with running on the sand?
There is plenty of room to exercise on the beach and still make space for everybody else.
While people continue with this type of behaviour there is little chance for control of the flu to be established.
The cost to the economy of these measures is enormous and yet a few people seem to think their own entertainment is more important.
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