Thor suffered from cystic fibrosis and was told growing up that he wouldn’t live past 20, he did and says, “Receiving the double lung transplant has helped me see through the fear of society, and to grow personally and a business that has no limits.”

THOR Bloomfield understands the life-changing effects of ‘donating life’ he received a double lung transplant in 2018.

He encourages people to become organ donors during Donate Life Week July 26 – August 2.

Since receiving the lungs, former Inverloch “surf-kid” has competed for Australia in the Paralympic games, become increasingly successful in business and continued to be a family man.

“The best thing I’ve been able to do since receiving the lungs is to chase around my daughter Emily,” Thor said.

Something he was unable to do before the operations, due to his impaired lung capacity suffering from cystic fibrosis.

He implores people to opt-in for organ donation, during this year, July 25 – August 2 Donate Life Week.

“Some people are undecided, why or why not,” he said.

“The way I see it, I imagine it was my daughter on the operating table needing a donor.”

“If I could save her, and give her family another ten years, I’d be honoured to help,” he said.

Thor is proud that donation rates have increased and wait time reduced but sees further room to improve.

“The coronavirus has helped us see who the real heroes of our community are,” he said.

“The nurses, the doctors, the cleaners, so many heroes have been doing amazing work to keep us all safe.”

“So much beautiful work goes on behind the scenes and when people really experience the beauty of donating their organs, there is so much life that can follow.”

“From each individual donor, up to 12 lives can be saved,” Thor said.

Donate Life CEO Lucinda Barry said Australia’s donation rates had doubled over the past decade, but there was still a long way to go, with about 1400 people across the country waiting for a transplant at any one time.

“We know that most Australians support organ donation but what we need them to do is take a minute of their time to register to become a donor,” Lucinda said.

Thor thanks Donate Life for their incredible work that goes on long beyond surgeries.

“Donate Life have created a community of donation recipients, we communicate connected through our hearts and through our minds – we’ve been given a second chance,” Thor said.

To become a donor visit;