Do you want to know who is responsible for Victoria’s huge spike in COVID-19 cases? Ordinary people.
Not all of them, of course, but the ones who have a belief of personal entitlement/no imagination/are ignorant/no consideration for others/are stupid or all of those characteristics.
Exhibit A – we went for a walk along a beach on the Bunurong Coast. To get down to the beach you have to take steps, no more than a metre wide, for a reasonable distance.
Getting down to the beach was no issue as there were few people. The return trip was completely different. As we walked from the far end of the beach, we could see three people running from the top of the steps to the bottom, and back again, past other groups of people. Repeatedly. So much for social distancing.
When we reached the bottom of the steps, the two young boy runners had had enough, not so mum. She wanted to exercise. She ran down past us when we were a third of the way up, so we turned to face away. As we approached the top, she huffed and puffed close behind us. We could have waited to walk back, until she had finished her exercise, I suppose, but she showed no sign of finishing any time soon.
When we have encountered the same situation previously, the runners have waited at the top or bottom, until the steps were clear.
It’s easy to blame the current mess on politicians, but it’s ordinary people who are responsible. Especially the ones who feel that their rights outweigh those of every other person.
Anne Kenny, Korumburra.