Just thought I would like to share with the readers of the Times about a quietly spoken 12-year-old who just melted my heart.
I called in at IGA, the other afternoon, to purchase a couple of things for a friend who was in hospital. I had gone to the hospital to see her and never took my purse or cards or anything, my husband had a $20 note on him.
I took my items to the checkout and waited while the lass served two young lads. The lass behind the counter told me that would be $21. I said to her, “Just take one of the items out”. But before she could answer me, this quiet 12 y.o. stepped forward, holding up a dollar. He said, “You can have it, I don’t need it, I have paid for mine”.
I declined the offer and thanked him, this young man had just melted my heart. In the meantime, an older young man, by the name of Scott Burgess had paid the dollar.
I walked out of IGA thinking what a wonderful world and what a joy and precious gift to have a young lad offer me a dollar. We are truly blessed to have young people in our town like this young fellow, and, also Scotty Burgess.
We hear these days about a lot of wild, young people but there are also a lot of fine young people like this young lad and Scotty Burgess.
Many thanks to both of them.
Jess Cruickshank.