Bermagui artist Victoria Nelson visits the site of her white marble whale in Cowes. She’s believed to be angry that the shire has changed the surrounding colour scheme from green fake grass to blue sports-court material.

PHILLIP Island hasn’t had much luck with its public art.

Going back to Jason Monet’s big wooden koala at the Koala Park and his cow and calf at Newhaven’s dairy centre, there’s been trouble.

The koala was controversially covered with fibreglass and painted, and the cow and calf painted too, with the calf ultimately stolen and the cow turned into a big chocolate mascot for Panny’s popular Chocolate Factory.

Then there was Anton Hazel’s Harmony Bells in Cowes. What’s going to happen to that expensive installation when the shire tears down the Cowes Cultural Centre?

And recently, someone had the bright idea of destroying artist Victoria Nelson’s vision for her white, Italian marble whales on the foreshore in Cowes.

Previously the whale and whale calf could be seen diving and breaching from a pad of green, fake grass (should be natural grass), but now, oh dear, someone has cut out a piece of blue, sports-court material and draped it around the emerging whales.

Supposed to be blue water, perhaps?

The artist is known to be livid and contacted local councillor Stephen Fullarton to express her displeasure.

“I noticed it about four weeks ago. It’s going to be changed back to green,” Cr Fullarton said.

“Vicki was dumbfounded by it. Why would someone do that?”

Cr Fullarton has contacted the shire CEO Ali Wastie who agreed.

“It will be fixed up in the next few weeks,” said Cr Fullarton.

Locals going for their morning walks have taken an interest.

“It’s embarrassing,” they say.

They also wonder how much the sculpture cost ratepayers.

How much did the white marble whale cost?