IN THE beginning, when there was hardly any community transmission in Victoria, we had Stage Three restrictions right across the state.
And at one point, they were even talking about harsher restrictions, a Stage Four setting along the lines of the hard lockdown that the Housing Commission towers have had to deal with in the past weeks.
Now, when we have community transmission running at levels, especially in the Melbourne metro area, that are virtually out-of-control, we’ve only just gone back to Stage Three restrictions in Melbourne and still have a much freer and easier set of rules in country Victoria.
Is it enough?
If we’re honest with ourselves, and no one underestimates the impact on jobs, business and the community of return to tighter restrictions, it’s got to come.
A short sharp burst of hard lockdowns in Melbourne, just as we saw in Europe, and a return to Stage Three restrictions in regional areas might still pull this thing up.
Because if it gets into the regions, as we’ve started to see already, it’s going to be a real problem.
They don’t have the testing or tracing capability in Melbourne now, let alone try to chase this thing out into the country.
Through a litany of mistakes, the state government has let the community down, but unfortunately that’s the new normal we have to deal with, we might as well chill, and implement ‘best practice’ ourselves.
Washing hands, sanitising surfaces, not touching face and eyes, strict social distancing, getting tested with even mild flu-like symptoms and using face masks… take a look at Japan’s curve if you’re unconvinced about face masks and good hygiene.