By Shelby Brooks

A WONTHAGGI great grandmother who is stranded in Kenya due to COVID-19 airport closures is using her time to feed more than 800 people.

Evelyn Chetland has been a Wonthaggi resident for 40 years and has regularly travelled to Kenya to entertain abused women and teach them the skill of crochet.

The grandmother of 17 and great grandmother of 28 was supposed to return from her trip after two months, but with airport closures and planes grounded, her return trip has been cancelled 11 times.

When the pandemic hit, Evelyn saw firsthand the effects of businesses closing down, leaving people without money and the ability to source food.

Weeds on the side of the road became the only source of food for many families.

Evelyn’s daughter Karen Cross wants to raise $20,000 to help her mum continue her feeding program in Kenya by cutting her hair.

Using her savings back home in Australia, Evelyn began a feeding program for those who now had no income due to COVID-19 shutdowns, as well as street children.

Evelyn’s daughter Karen has launched an online campaign with the goal of raising $20,000 to send to her mother so Evelyn can continue to feed the people of Kenya.

Karen will be participating in a ‘Shave to Save Lives’, in which she will shave her hair to raise the money. In a video created by Grace Place, Karen said while the family had sent over money, it just wasn’t enough to feed everyone.

“My mum is meeting people over there, they’re hearing about her and they are coming to her because they have children who are starving,” Karen said in the video.

“They’re lucky to feed everyone once every three days and lucky to have a bowl of rice.”

People can join in support or follow the fundraising milestones by going to