I have been stirred to write after yet another letter to your paper from representatives of the South Gippsland Action Group.
While it is great that we have concerned citizens who take the time to monitor what South Gippsland Shire administrators and staff are doing, the constant carping tone of the letters suggest that this is not a group of action, but rather a group of pessimists who look only for fault.
I would like to take this opportunity to say that in my experience the administrators (and Julie Eisenbise in particular) have been most approachable, professional and timely in my dealings with them on behalf of community organisations.
They have proved they “can do” and “have done” and I am sure, will continue to do so.
Governments at all levels respond best when communities have a clear plan of what they want and a positive attitude, or as the old saying goes “you catch more bears with honey”.
In these troubled COVID times, and lacking elected representatives, it is even more important that we should rise above pettiness and work together.
It is time for SGAG to articulate clearly what it is that the SGAG want to achieve for all of South Gippsland and start working with the South Gippsland Shire Council administrators and staff to make things happen.
If SGAG exists merely to point out what SGSC is not doing, I would like to suggest the group disband and find other more rewarding hobbies.
P.S. Please note, I have not worked at the council for several years.
Marge Arnup, Fish Creek.