Perhaps some people in the Waterline community should take stock of their reactive behaviour(s) during the current COVID-19 circumstances.
Please note that there are those among us who have every legitimate right to visit our properties in the Bass Coast Shire (BCS) during the current Melbourne lockdown period and have support documentation to that end. This right is not being abused.
Given that police clearance is given at Lang Lang to proceed into BCS, some Waterline residents might think first before taking up vigilante type action by hurling abuse, taking photographs of our presence on our property and contacting the police necessitating a visit – an extra impost on police resources and trust given that such a call comes after clearance from their Lang Lang colleagues.
The police who called on us were courteous and understanding but I do wonder why local residents do not first directly enquire of their fellow residents rather than assuming people are doing the “wrong thing”.
Dr Ingrid Galitis, Corinella.