NOT A great deal has changed, other than the names of the Bass Coast Shire Council’s new Public Transparency Policy 2020 and the Governance Rules 2020 and revised Election Period Policy 2020.

The adoption of the policies at the shire’s August Council Meeting generated some heat and resulted in some adjustments but it’s all pretty much steady as she goes where public access to council is concerned.

The new Local Government Act 2020 required Council to adopt a suite of policies to support good governance, including a Public Transparency Policy, Governance Rules and an Election Period Policy by September 1, 2020.

The Public Transparency Policy 2020 provides clarity on the types of information Council must make available, how that information can be accessed and what categories of information Council may not be able to make available to the public.

Community feedback was sought on the on the draft Governance Rules 2020, including the revised Election Period Policy 2020, for a three-week period following the July Council Meeting. A total of 21 submissions were received.

A Council Spokesperson said that based on feedback from the community, a number of changes were made to the draft Governance Rules.

“Consultation with the Mayor has been included in setting the Council agenda, the minimum number of petitioners has been returned to three and changes have been made to the Public Question Time section.

“Other changes in response to feedback have also been included,” the spokesperson said.

“In effect, the Governance Rules 2020 combine and update three existing documents; the Meeting Procedure Local Law 2018, the Election Period Policy and the Public Question Time guidelines.

“The draft Governance Rules have been guided by independent advice and community feedback and Council is well placed to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020,” the spokesperson concluded.

To view the Public Transparency Policy 2020 and the Governance Rules 2020 and revised Election Period Policy 2020, please visit