THE first casualty of war, they say, is the truth.
But the second casualty must surely be the stuff they don’t tell you.
Like the failure to trace and the lack of information about where positive cases have been.
Certainly, we’ve got well past the point in Victoria now, with 7671 active cases, where exhaustive contact tracing is even possible.
Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton admitted that over the weekend, noting that it was difficult to keep up with tracing above 50 new cases a day and many countries had given up on it.
But one way to get a better result – and you’ve got to forget all the political correctness, confidentiality crap,- is to activate the community.
In NSW, they even publish the locations where positive cases have visited, such as at the Bateman’s Bay Soldiers Club, Tathra Hotel and others, while urging people to get tested and opening up mobile testing stations nearby immediately.
There’s been none of that in Victoria.
If there’s one thing the Victorian government needs to do it’s keep us better informed. Postcode data has helped but when the numbers are under control, in a few months’ time, we want to know how to protect ourselves when there are positive cases in our community.