I was heartened to read the article in the Sentinel-Times of August 11 about the Virtual Fencing System (VFS) being trialed between Cowes and Rhyll.
In the recent past we have spent millions on roadside fencing to protect drivers but nothing to protect our precious fauna.
I can imagine the arguments – not feasible, too expensive, wouldn’t work anyway.
In normal times, I drive to Canberra regularly, via the Prince’s Highway to Cann River, and then up through Bombala and Cooma.
The roadside carnage is always horrendous, old and recent corpses of echidnas, wombats, roos and wallabies, birds, lizards and, of course, foxes.
I once passed a ‘family’ – two adults and a joey – all recently dead in the centre of the Monaro highway.
I know the Island faces similar issues and I commend council, the PINP and Victoria University for supporting the trial. I hope the VFS is found to be effective and economical and can be rolled out countrywide.
We owe our precious and endangered wildlife as much protection as possible. They need all the help we can provide.
Anne Heath Mennell, Tenby Point.